Friday, August 17, 2007

Who says this is vacation!

I'm so worn out! We have been so busy during our "vacation" that I wish I had another week to recouperate once we get home!

We're still in Memphis, Tennessee tonight. We went to Graceland today, but didn't stay because at 1:30, they were selling tickets to view the mansion for 5:30 or 6. That is way too long to wait with an impaitent 3 year old! I think we're going to try to get up early in the morning and get there before the line starts.

We went to Beale Street on Thursday night. I think we saw a license plate from every single state in the parking garage. There was an Elvis Tribute Concert going on that night. It's amazing that Elvis still has such a HUGE following 30 years after he died. I'm sure I just don't get it since I'm so young. :)

Two more days of vacation and then it's back to work and school.

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