Friday, October 26, 2007

Fabulous Friday!

Do you hear the choir of angels singing? Because today is Friday!

I have so much baking that I want to do this weekend. I love to bake. Especially when the weather turns colder. Nothing is more homey than the smell of something in the oven and the heat from the oven warming up the house.

Have you ever made Amish Friendship Bread? Because after I make it tonight, I will have 3 starters to hand out to anyone who wants one. Scratch that, I will have 2 because my sister is taking one.

I also have 2 bananas sitting in my fridge ready to be made into something. Maybe banana chocolate-chip bread...

Anyway, the weather here is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL this weekend. I plan to spend a lot of time outside soaking it up. HELLO FALL!!! :)

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