Tuesday, October 2, 2007


We went to New Orleans this past weekend. New Orleans is special to us because Husband and I became engaged there. I love the rich history and even richer food that this one city provides.

It was Jackson's first visit to the Big Easy. He was wonderful! We went to see LSU play Tulane in the Superdome. I was a little nervous about going into the Superdome with Jackson because from experience, he doesn't really like the loud noises that sports crowds can create. We got there a half hour before the game started and took our seats. And he wanted to leave. I talked him through it, though, and by the end of the game he knew all of the LSU chants. We kept telling him that if he was good, we'd go see sharks after the game. New Orleans has a fabulous aquarium and we had planned to take him there after the game.

During the game, an older couple that was sitting near us bought popcorn. They only ate a quarter of the big bucket and had put it in the chair next to them. Jackson saw the popcorn and wanted some. I had to explain that that was their popcorn and we couldn't eat it. The woman overheard us and graciously offered us the rest of their popcorn. As we were leaving, I thanked her again for her generosity. Jackson was behind me and I heard him say something to her, but didn't understand it. I paused, turned around, and he emphatically repeated, "I'm going to see sharks!"

He really enjoyed the aquarium. The sharks were the highlight of his visit. My favorite part was eating beignet's and drinking cafe au lait on the steps of the Riverwalk overlooking Jackson Square. I could do that every day.

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Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

He is getting so big. I can't believe it. He looks like such a *boy* now. ;) Glad you had a nice trip. And I'm with you, croissants and café for me all day, too. Fun!