Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Ramblings

So happy today is Friday. I'm ready to sleep all weekend!

The news channels had predicted ice this morning, but thankfully it never happened. The temperature never got low enough to freeze the rain that is falling. It's funny because the weather people have been talking about the "Friday Freeze" since Wednesday.

My sisters and I are headed to Iowa next week. My saintly dad is donating one of his kidneys to my stepmom. The surgery is going to be in Iowa City, where I went to college. I'm a little excited to be hanging out there for a couple days, even if we will be in the hospital most of the time. Going to try to hit a couple of my favorite restaurants from "way back when."

And, finally, how about a blast from the past. Jackson has fallen in love with Transformers. He watches the show and has a couple to play with. He also stomps around the house saying that he IS a transformer. He even sleeps with a couple of them. He's just growing up too fast.

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