Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Home again, home again

It feels great to be home. We had a good trip, but there is nothing like your own bed and hugs and kisses from your 3 year old!

The surgery was last Thursday. Dad's surgery went fine. He was groggy most of the day but was doing pretty good on Friday. He's just a little sore now.

My stepmom's surgery didn't go so well. She actually had a kidney and pancreas transplant ww years ago. Evidentally, when they put the pancreas in her then, the doctor connected it to her small intestine. At that time, it was more common for it to drain into the bladder, and all the previous doctor's notes said that it drained into the bladder. The current doctor didn't know what was going on when they were putting her back together from this surgery and cut into the part of the intestine that was attached to her pancreas. He double layered stitched it up, and put a drain in just in case the stitches wouldn't hold. She has been in a lot of pain since then and actually had a sonogram and CT scan done yesterday. Both of those tests determined that pancreatic fluid is leaking and she isn't healing where they cut her intestine. So they went in and re-routed her intestines to bypass the part where the pancreas was attached. Without digestive fluids going through that part of her intestine, it actually might have a chance to heal. She has been in quite a bit of pain since last Thursday, so they also put in an epidural today to help relieve some of that.

We all just didn't want her to lose her pancreas because then she would be back on insulin. And synthetic insulin damages your kidneys. And then they'd be back to square one.

Other than hospitals and surgery, we did have a good time visiting with family on our trip. And we saw snow! We drove in snow! I miss snow... the way that it makes the landscape so pristine and clean and bright. In Texas in the winter, all we get to see is brown grass... not very pretty. However, we're happy that we don't have to drive in snow, which is what we were all thinking as we passed a 7 car accident on Saturday morning!!

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