Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Taking the long road

Well, update from Iowa... my step-mom is still in the hospital, 4 weeks after the inital transplant surgery. It's been quite a bumpy road.

First, the issue with her pancreas. The damage that was done during the transplant surgery did not fix itself. Another surgery was preformed to take the intestine and bypass the area where the pancreas was, the thinking being that without having to function, it would heal. Didn't work either. She got really, really sick, and had to have emergency surgery to remove her pancreas. She became really sick and the doctors intubated her and put her in ICU for 8 days.

Meanwhile, she has had two antibodies react with her immune system (ie. rejection.) To correct this, the doctors do a plasma infusion to put the reacting antibodies into her body so her body gets used to them and stops attacking the kidney.

We think that she is on the mend now. She was released from ICU this past weekend and put into a regular room. There is thought that she may be able to go home later this weekend or early next week. I sure hope she can. It's been a long time since they have been home!

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