Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Stuff

I have had the most vivid dreams lately. And they involve people I knew awhile ago. It's really weird. I just end up meeting these people in the most random of places, and then we go and we visit for a little while. I tend to think that dreams are our way of reconnecting with people we haven't seen in awhile. But if it doesn't work that way, Hi to Carmen, Coree, Carla, Carrie, and Jenna!! :)

We had more storms last night. Sirens went off again, but it wasn't nearly as bad as last weeks storms. Didn't hide in the closet this time. Although, sometimes I just hide in the closet anyway to get away from my family. :)

"Project Otis," as my husband fondly calls it, is progressing nicely! I was 10 weeks on Wednesday. And I feel pretty good! Not much morning sickness - thank goodness!!! - just tired a lot of the time. I go back to the doctor next week. Hopefully to get more pictures!!

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