Friday, May 30, 2008

The end of May

I cannot believe that June is right around the corner. That means that summer is here. And down here in Texas, that means it is hot. Time to pull out the swimming suits and start planning vacations. We're already pretty booked this summer with a couple trips to Monroe and a trip to Missouri. Since I have to plan maternity leave, I don't foresee us planning much else.

In the last week, I have signed Jackson up for swimming lessons at school and for soccer in the fall. Just those two things make him seem like such a big boy. He's really excited about both.

We recently found out that Jaime is having a boy! It is going to be so much fun to watch our new baby and his cousin to grow up together. I always envied my youngest sister who had 4 cousins all the same age to run around with when we all got together. It's a pretty special thing, and I'm so happy that the "next generation" can have a part of it.

I think Jackson and I are going to go swimming this weekend at the city pool, so I'll try to post pictures after we go. Welcome summer!

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