Wednesday, July 16, 2008

23 weeks and counting...

I am 23 weeks today! The baby is one foot long and weighs over one pound. He is sitting with his head toward my left hip and his feet toward the right side of my ribcage. (I had the doctor tell me today how he was sitting.) I had a feeling he was that way - I've been feeling the kicks really well for a couple weeks now! Everything is going great. I go back in one month, after that I'll start going every two weeks. That's exciting!

Jackson's birthday is officially over. He had a great Chuck E. Cheese party. I originally thought the party would only last 2 hours, but we ended up being there 3 hours. He received some great presents and had a wonderful time. He's trying to convince us that it's still his birthday, and we keep having to tell him that it's over. :)

We're off to Monroe this weekend for a good friend's wedding. Jackson is so ready for some Nana time! We've been counting down the days until we can go see Nana. Only one more day and we will be there. The wedding should be fun, too!

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