Thursday, July 24, 2008


Ever have one of those "Ah-Ha!" moments where it all makes sense?

Just had one.

I've been doing a bunch of knitting lately. For fun. Stopped cross-stitching for awhile and needed something else to do with my hands. It's much easier to knit in the car on trips than cross-stitch.

So far, I've made a hooded baby blanket and a poncho for myself. I thought both turned out very nicely.

Next project is a cardigan for myself. Quite a daunting task, but I'm up for it.

Anyway, my "Ah-Ha!" moment came when I was researching stitch markers. Stitch markers are little circles that help you keep track of your pattern and where you are in your knitting. I always thought the marker ended up in the yarn, and you'd have to cut it out to get it out after you were finished.

Boy, was I wrong! They just slide onto your needle to keep track of your pattern. It all makes so much more sense now.

Makes me ready for the next step, but have to wait until after work! Bummer!

24 weeks along yesterday. Baby is kicking like crazy!! Jackson has even felt it - he thinks it's pretty cool.

1.5 weeks until vacation in Missouri! REALLY looking forward to that - a whole week of sleeping until I want to get up. :)

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