Saturday, August 9, 2008


Vacation was wonderful. It was so nice to not have alarm clocks or deadlines for a whole week.

We did a bunch of fun things.

Dad and Jackson went go-karting. Jackson was so excited to go there, he wouldn't stop talking about it for a whole day.

We also went putt-putt golfing. Had to teach Jackson how to golf. He did okay. It was just a little hot.

We went boating one day. He really enjoyed the boat. Even tried driving and messed up the emergency cut-off so we were stranded for a bit. But we got it fixed. Thanks Jackson!

We went to Bridal Cave. I think he enjoyed it. He walked the whole way by himself and didn't touch anything!

We went to some castle ruins. It was built a long time ago and burned down. Pretty neat to see.

We fed some ducks and some koi while we were eating at a restaurant right on the lake. The weather had cooled down and it was so nice to eat on the patio next to the lake.

And we put Jackson in the stocks. :)

Actually... this picture really says it all...

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