Monday, April 20, 2009


We had a very busy April!

Did you know that if it rains on Easter, its going to rain for the next 7 weekends? I didn't either... but it's sure proving to be true! Since soccer started, we have played one game, missed one game because we were in Iowa, and have been rained out of 3 games. Hopefully we can have a game this weekend, but it's supposed to rain again. Hopefully the rain will start after 2.. then we can play.

Oh yeah... we went to Iowa. Jackson, Nicholas, my mom and I went to see my Grandma on her 80th birthday. It was a wonderful trip. Got to spend an evening with my dad and Nancy, and then went to Radcliffe (a tiny, farming town - one of those where if you blink you'll miss it) to spend 2 night with my Grandma. And we got 8 inches of snow while we were there. Jackson and I made a snowman. I have pictures, but alas, our computer at home decided to go ka-put... I'll try to get some posted in the next couple days.

And then the next weekend, we went to Louisiana for Easter. We met our newest cousin, Meredith, and had an Easter egg hunt. We took family pictures while we were there that turned out excellent! I'll show you soon.

Nicholas turned 6 months old today! He is such a sweet baby!! He is just a roly-poly smiley sweetheart!!

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