Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Ant Truck

We keep getting random ants in Jackson's bathroom and I don't know how they are getting in there. He's a little scared of bugs so he won't touch them and I usually have to go kill them. There aren't that many, I've probably killed about 15 in the last week. Our pest people treated our house last week, so it may just be the little ants are running for their lives and figured out how to get in that bathroom.

He is VERY worried about them and wonders why they keep getting in there.

So... Last night we had a different pest control company knock on our front door soliciting their services. The guy talked to Chris a little bit about what they do, how much it is, and all the critters that they exterminate, such as spiders, crickets, termites, and ANTS. They guy says that he's going to have trucks in the neighborhood this weekend so if we wanted to schedule service, they can take care of us right away.

Jackson heard all of this and in all seriousness tells me, "I need to tell him about the ants so the truck can come on Friday and take care of them."

He is so funny about bugs... hates anything that flies or crawls, but loves worms. How that happened, I'll never know.

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