Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Broken Bars

Last Thursday, as I was getting things ready for my party, I made Chocolate Oatmeal Bars. These are an oatmeal cookie layer with a chocolate layer and then oatmeal cookie dough dotted on top. They are little bites of heaven the way the chocolate and the oatmeal perfectly balance each other.

Anyway, I was in the bedroom and Jackson walks in and says, "What are the chocolate things in the kitchen?"

"They are chocolate oatmeal bars and they are for Saturday."

"I want one. Please, mommy? I'll be your best friend!"

"They are for the party on Saturday, no, you may not have one."


"No, they are for the party. You may not have one."

He left the bedroom, and returned a few minutes later.

"Mommy, your bars are broken."

"Broken? What do you mean broken?"

"There's a crack in them."

"Did you touch them?"


"You sure?"


So I walk out to the kitchen and a whole piece of cookie dough was taken off the top of the bars and there are three fingerprints in them.

He got in big trouble.

I still served them at the party. I just cut around the part that was broken. They were a huge hit, as always. So much so, that I didn't have many left over and I had to make more yesterday.

Jackson saw them and says, "Mmmm. Chocolate oatmeal bars. Yummy! And there are no fingerprints in them."

Although, I think the fingerprints made them taste better. But don't tell him that!

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