Tuesday, May 26, 2009


What a busy Memorial Day weekend!

Saturday was Nicholas' baptism. It was a beautiful ceremony attended by all of our friends and family. It was so great that everyone was able to make it to Dallas and celebrate with us.

Sunday morning, we said good-bye to Chris' family and then spent the rest of the day with my dad and Nancy. Jackson had a blast playing with my dad. We took them to the spaceship park where Nicholas proceeded to blow out - twice. And I was unprepared - no wipes, no extra clothes. Good thing we live pretty close to the park.

After the park, went to lunch, then to the mall. Jackson played in the play area. He's such a social butterfly, he makes new friends wherever he plays. In fact, last night we were at our neighborhood park and he was so sad that there wasn't anyone to play with him.

And then, on the way home from the mall, the little boys and i were rear-ended at a red light. Poor little guys started crying immediately, but luckily were not hurt. The poor car is a different matter. The other guy assumed responsibility, but we still get to mess with the car being fixed.

On Monday, the little boys and I watched a gazillion Bakugan cartoons. We read books. We made more "broken" bars. I walked and Jackson rode his bike to the pond to check out the turtles. We went to the playground to play.

It could not have been a better weekend, except for the accident. Thanks to all that were there to share our special day!

P.S. I forgot to mention that we went to the cutest wine bar in Plano and sang Karoke with my dad. Summer Lovin' from Grease. He and I did were the guys and Tara, Kelly, and Jaime were the girls. HI-LAR-I-OUS! Wish I had video....

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