Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birthday Party!

We survived. Actually, we more than survived and, it was a lot of fun.

Even better, it only happens once a year!

Kidding.... kinda...

We had some great kids spend the night and we had a good time. Started out by making our own grilled pizzas. The kids didn't do the grilling... I had Kelly manning the grill and Jaime helping them with the toppings. They were so good! I highly recommend grilling pizza! Then, we decorated our own little dinosaur cakes. Unfortunately, they were all eaten before we could do candles and "Happy Birthday." After that, we opened presents. Jackson has some great friends who gave him some awesome presents!

Then the big fun - the Adventure Walk! I took the boys on a walk after it got dark and they all had flashlights. On a side note, I apologize to my neighborhood - I tried to get them to be a bit quieter, but it didn't work. The boys were so funny... one would say, "Hey guys! I found a clue!" and all the rest of them would crowd around the "clue" and put their flashlights on it. The "clue" was a leaf, a spider, a hole in the cement, whatever one thought was a clue. We walked over by the creek and spotted a bunch of bunnies. Then we played a the playground for a few minutes. Next was the pond. The pond was an awesome surprise because we spotted a frog that was the size of a small soccer ball. IT WAS HUGE!

Came home from the walk, and got all of them into their pajamas. We lined up all the sleeping bags in the living room and they watched Madagascar 2. When it ended about 12:00, they were all still awake, so Chris turned on ESPN... and they all fell asleep.

This morning, they woke up around 8 and IMMEDIATELY started playing. We had Pigs in a Blanket for breakfast. They were all gone by 11:00.

The funniest part was when all of them started chanting, "Jackson Rocks!" over and over. He does rock. His party did, too.

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