Friday, July 31, 2009

Swimming with the Minnows

Jackson's summer of swimming lessons is over. I'm so amazed at how much he's learned in four weeks.

When summer started, he never wanted to put his head underwater. Now we can't keep him up out of the water.

When summer started, he thought he needed his goggles all the time. Now he can open his eyes and see underwater without them.

When summer started, he didn't ever want to go near the deep end of the water. Now... well, now he's about the same. I don't know what it is with him, but he's deathly afraid of deep water. Maybe it was that one episode of Pushing Daisies where the shark came out into the pool and ate one of the syncronized swimmers that he accidentally watched with me. I keep trying to tell him that was just tv and there are no sharks in the middle of Texas, but it's hard to grasp that when you're only 5.

I'm so proud of the progress he has made. I definitely feel a little more comfortable while he's playing in the water, but I don't think lap swimming is on the agenda quite yet. :)

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kelbell0422 said...

How sweet! So glad that he did so well in swimming lessons!