Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Jackson has a bunch of changes ahead of him. He's already started a new daycare this week, and Monday he starts Kindergarten!

The first day, he was so excited! Couldn't stop talking about how he was an after-schooler now and a big kid! And then when he got there, he clammed up and started looking nervous. He said he had a good day. He also said he didn't make any friends because everyone was a stranger and I told him not to talk to strangers. (Strangers are not easy to explain to a 5 year old.)

The second day, he was okay to go. I picked him up and asked him his teachers name. He didn't know and we had to find out. Asked if he made any friends. "Not quite yet," whatever that means. Sounds like he's analyzing everyone before he decides who is his friend.

This morning, he woke up crying because he wanted to stay home.


Change is so hard.

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