Monday, October 19, 2009


It's amazing how slow time goes when you want it to go fast, and then it goes really fast when you want it to go slow.

One year ago tomorrow, I worked until 4:00, then drove myself to the hospital. I gave birth at 10:22 pm to my sweet Nicholas. It seems like yesterday.

He's such an awesome little boy. He smiles at me when he sees me. He knows when he's doing something wrong because he'll look at me and do this adorable little head cock that (I think) means "But I'm cute!". He'll give you five if you put your hand out. He eats almost everything I give him, even if he makes that funny little frown on the first bite. He likes playing in Lexie's water bowl. He loves taking a bath. He is very serious when he meets someone new. He loves to ride in the carrier on my back and often falls asleep.

He is my sweet, little Nicholas and I can't believe he's one.

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