Monday, April 12, 2010

Alligators and Dragons

My 5 year old cracks me up.

Friday night, we went to a premiere party for a new TV show on CMT called Gator 911. It's about a guy that owns an alligator farm in Beaumont, and he also rescues alligators from pools or ditches or golf courses, places that people don't want alligators. It was a great show, and Jackson loved it! We recorded it at home and have watched it at least 4 times since Friday night.

On Saturday, I took him to see How to Train Your Dragon. I LOVED IT! So did Jackson! We saw it in 3-D which made some of the flying sequences amazing! Jackson's favorite dragon was the blue and yellow one. He was even more excited when we went to McDonald's for lunch and got that one as the Happy Meal toy! I liked the black one the best.

Since then, Jackson's imagination has run wild! He was either a dragon or an alligator catcher all weekend.

Last night, the boys were playing outside. Nicholas was climbing up the slide and out of nowhere, Jackson runs over and jumps on his back and says, "Mom! I caught the alligator!" Nicholas laughed. I said, "Just don't hurt the alligator!"

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