Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The last person shut the door behind them and she sat down in her favorite chair.  It was so quiet now.  After the funeral and visitation and the constant stream of people coming to call on her, it was finally peaceful.  So peaceful it was almost intrusive.

Finally, the pressure, the sadness, the emotion of losing her husband boiled over and she let out a great scream followed by a cry that lasted over two hours.

When it was done, she felt better.

A few days later, she noticed the garbage was getting full. "Wow, haven't had to do this in a long time," she thought to herself.  As she lifted the bag out of the trash can, she saw something at the bottom.  She reached down and grabbed what looked like a folded piece of paper.  She opened it and read in his familiar handwriting, "I took the garbage out because I love you."  All thought of walking the bag out to the curb left her as she sank to the floor in tears.

A few days after that, she noticed the carpet was getting dirty.  She went to the closet to grab the vacuum.  As she wheeled it out, she saw another note.  The tears started before she could even reach for it.  Once opened, it read "I vacuum because I love you."

She found one on the bookshelves that said, "I dust because I love you."

She found on under the sink in the bathroom that said, "I scrub the toilet because I love you."

After a few months of finding notes all over the house as she realized he had planned for this for a long time.  She realized she was loved just as much as if he was still here.  And that is what brought her true peace.

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