Friday, September 9, 2011

Those Jeans

She looked at the jeans with a look of frustration.  "I know I'm never going to wear them again," she thought.  "Why do I keep them when they take up space in my tiny closet?"

These were the jeans she bought in college.  The ones that hugged her curves in just the right way that they not only looked awesome on, but were so comfortable.  They were worn pretty much every day for a long time.  So many memories. Studying. Parties. Football. The time she was thrown in the pond by a group of Delta Xis.  Her first boyfriend.  Her first heartache when he dumped her.

Then she met "him."  The love of her life.  He proposed while camping, while wearing those jeans.  They got married and settled into their casual lifestyle with ease.  Unfortunately, that ease seemed to take the "ease" out of the jeans.

And then came the day when the little stick turned pink and the jeans were done for.

Now, after three kids and endless diets, she was giving up and getting rid of the momento that tied together many happy changes to her life.

"I can only wish that the person that finds these has as many happy memories as I have," she thought as she tossed them in the pile for Goodwill.

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