Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nicholas Goes to Space

Once upon, a time there was a little boy named Nicholas.  Nicholas had a blankie named Lots Of Colors Blankie because it had lots of colors.  Nicholas took his blankie everywhere he went.

One day, Nicholas and Lots Of Colors Blankie, decided to go to space.  They found a spaceship and jumped into the cargo bay.  3....2....1.... BLAST OFF!  The spaceship went up, up, up into the air and went into space.  Nicholas and Lots of Colors Blankie looked out the window and saw Earth.  They waved hi to mom and dad and Jackson back on Earth.

The spaceship landed on the moon.  Nicholas and Lots of Colors Blankie put on spacesuits and took a walk around the moon, counting all the stars they saw as they went.

Soon, the spaceship was leaving.  Nicholas and Lots of Colors Blankie hopped back on and buckled up for the ride home.  When they got back to Earth, Nicholas and Lots of Colors Blankie jumped off of the spaceship and found their mommy and gave her a great, big hug.

The End.

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TateFarmGirl said...

This reminds me of Where The Wild Things Are. Cute!